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Current Active Members of The Foundation
I. Adam (2027)
T. Ahmadi (2028)
W. Almuhtadi (2025)
L. Benedicenti (2027)
A. Benyamin-Seeyar (2027)
K. Brown (2026)
D. Coode (2028)
B. Djokic (2026)
J. Gu (2023)
E. Holdrinet (2027)
E. Istrate (2027)
D. Lynch (2027)
J. MacKinnon (2027)
D. Michelson (2027)
J.H. Mowbray (2026)
P. Nkwari (2027)
P.M. Ntang (2026)
D. Peters (2026)
A. Skorek (2027)
D. Tardiff (2026)
Y. de Villers (2025)
D.H. Whyte (2026)

Members are elected by the Board of Directors. The term of membership is normally five years (renewable) except for the past IEEE Canada President whose term is two years (consistent with the IEEE term of office). The members elect the directors of the Board at the annual meeting of the IEEE Canadian Foundation. The highlighted surnames are links to biographies, current terms are shown in brackets     members listed by home section

Emeritus Director of The Foundation

M. Forest * B. Alden

Emeritus Members of The Foundation

R. D. Findlay, G.G. English *† , B. Hercus * , H.J. Swain *† (associated with IEEC Inc.), G. Olivier (associated with MCI & ICF)
G.C. Eastwood *† (associated with IEEC Inc.)
L. Ruggins (associated with MCI) †

Emeritus Members are elected by the Board of Directors. This designation is intended to recognize members of the foundation who no longer wish to remain active in the governance of the foundation but whose past contributions were exceptional in quality and over an extended period of time.

Notation: * founding member †deceased
Directors and Members of the foundation: click here to access the restricted portion of this website using your IEEE Web Account for foundation business and meeting information.

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