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Guidelines for Canadian Student Branch Websites

All student branches should have an active web site because the IEEE and others do a lot of business via the internet and your web site is crucial as the information hub to the rest of the world.

The name of your student branch should be CORRECT - some correct examples are: Queen's University IEEE Student Branch, or Niagara College IEEE Student Branch. "IEEE" can be ommitted if a corect IEEE logo is placed beside your branch name, or if the words "Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers" in a small font is placed above or below your branch name.

Overall appearance should be informative while being attractive, graphics and active content (Java, ActiveX, etc.) can be used to enhance appearance but not to cause significant downloading delays (over modem connections) - large graphics (static or dynamic) files - if used - should be placed in pages off the main linking paths.

Information should be current, links should be kept up to date, all pages should contain the date of last revision, the name of the person or entity responsible for the content, and a "mailto" for comments, inquiries, etc.

If you have an IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre, the foundation expects you to also have a distinct Centre site (one or more pages).

Page Content

  • In addition to links and mailtos noted below, content describing your Branch objectives, programs, activities, volunteers, etc. and related department activities are desirable
  • A separate page (or set of pages) describing your McNaughton Centre facilities, programs, history, funding, etc. (including photos) and, under the heading, the phrase "Sponsored by the IEEE Canadian Foundation" with a link to the ICF web site.
  • Examples of innovative ways to communicate with other students locally, within Canada, around the world); or with other people (employers, engineers, and so on) are encouraged. You are urged to create one novel feature or service using Web technology that becomes a centrepiece for your site.

IEEE-related links should include

  • Generic e-mail address of your Branch ... recommended to use an IEEE functional alias of the form - obtainable from here
  • Name and e-mail address of your Branch Chair
  • Name and e-mail address of your Branch Counselor
  • Name and e-mail address of your McNaughton Scholar
  • Name and e-mail address of your Section Chair
  • URL of your IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre web site
  • URL of your Section web site
  • URL of the IEEE Canada web site
  • URL of the IEEE Canada Student Activities web site
  • URL of the IEEE Canadian Foundation web site
  • URL of the main IEEE web site
  • URL of your University or College department web site
  • URL of your University or College institution web site
You may wish to include a link to the ICF page of links to all Canadian Student Branch web sites.

Logos for your use
to show you are part of IEEE Canada and elegible for funding from the IEEE Canadian Foundation

Links to other sites of interest to your members

  • within your educational institution
  • within your local community
  • within your technical community
  • within your professional community
  • describing educational opportunities
  • describing employment opportunities

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