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About the IEEE Canadian Foundation

The IEEE Canadian Foundation (ICF) is registered, in Canada, as a charitable organization associated with IEEE Canada, the Canadian entity of the worldwide Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Inc. There are no employees, all activities are volunteer - except for the annual auditors report. Please use the links above and on the left to find the information or service you need. If you do not find it, use the links at the bottom left of this page for our site map and contact information page.

Mission Statement
The IEEE Canadian Foundation cultivates resources and relationships to advance IEEE's core purpose to foster technological innovation and excellence to benefit humanity.

The IEEE Canadian Foundation fulfills its purpose:

  • by awarding special grants to new and innovative projects within Canada that seek to apply technology for the benefit of humanity, and
  • by awarding grants to IEEE student branches in Canada to support IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centres and related scholarships, and
  • by serving as the fund administrator for peer recognition programs and scholarships within Canada
Complete Listing of all Grants, Scholarships etc. Awarded by Year
Information About the Foundation

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