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For New Members and Directors of the Foundation

This page describes how the foundation operates and how its volunteers make use of this web site (the public area pages are accessible using the links above, on the left, and on many pages). These pages describe who we are, when we meet to make decisions, and our programs of grants and donations. There are also links to student branch web sites and related email addresses, and an on-line form for branch volunteers to update this information, as well as on-line forms for grants and scholarships.

The password-protected pages are linked from the "directors" and "members" pages. Access is by IEEE Web Account - contact the president if you do not appear to have access. These pages contain contact information for foundation members and related persons, our bylaws, on-line agendas, minutes of meetings (year 2000 on), current operating procedures, and occasionally draft items under consideration.

We usually communicate using e-mail, decisions taken between meetings of the Board are ratified at the next meeting. Some committees use teleconferencing if e-mail is not adequate. The foundation does not reimburse travel to attend meetings of its Board of Directors, or the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the members, unless there are special circumstances and prior authorization is obtained. Web conferencing - teleconferencing in conjunction with our on-line agendas - is utilized for participants who are not able to attend at the meeting location.

The expectations for members is; to participate in the AGM, to serve on foundation committees if asked, to represent the foundation at local events (e.g. scholarship, prize & grant presentations), to maintain a flow of information between the foundation and local Sections and Branches, and - very important - assist in our efforts to receive donations - each of you is strongly urged to personally make a donation annually and ask your colleagues to donate. Since we now publish an annual honour roll of donors, it is very helpful if all foundation members' names appear in the honour roll.

Members at the AGM; elect new directors, approve the budget for the coming year, receive the audited financial statement for the past year, and appoint the auditors for the coming year.

You may wish to view this PowerPoint presentation initially developed by Treasurer Luc Matteau.

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