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Logos, History and Linkages
Logo The IEEE Canadian Foundation logo is similar to that used by IEEE Canada. We use the same symbols to demonstrate our close relationship. The logo represents the historical development of IEEE Canada. It consists of the name placed between two symbols. Low-res versions of the bilingual form of our logo are available here for sponsored groups to use when acknowledging foundation support in their literature or at events.

IEEE On the left is the emblem adopted by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) at the time (1963) of the merger between the AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers - formed in 1884) and the IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers - formed in 1912) and embodies aspects of those original logos. Please click here for more on the history of the IEEE and its predecessor societies.

CSECE On the right is the "stylized maple leaf (symbol of Canada) in a triangle" which was the logo adopted by the CSECE (Canadian Society of Electrical and Computer Engineering). The CSECE was a constituent society of the EIC (Engineering Institute of Canada).

EIC The EIC is the national society in Canada which concentrates on continuing education and technical professional development across all fields of engineering, and delegates technical activities to its constituent societies within the various fields of engineering. Please click here for more on the history of the EIC and its consituent societies.

IEEE Canada Region 7 of the IEEE merged with CSECE in 1994 to form IEEE Canada. At that time, IEEE Canada became the constituent society of the EIC as well as the Canadian region of IEEE, and adopted an emblem embodying the parts of this merger.

The IEEE Canadian Foundation Logo thus denotes the close relationship between the IEEE, IEEE Canada, and the Engineering Institute of Canada.

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