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History of The Foundation and IEEC Inc.

Rudolf deBuda,
xxxx - 1988

Professor Rudolf deBuda, Ph.D., P.Eng., IEEE Fellow, member of the Toronto Section, died on September 1, 1988, a little more than a month before he was to have received the 1988 IEEE Canada McNaughton Gold Medal for "major contributions to the theory of high resolution radar and advance signal processing techniques for digital data transmission". However, his son Peter and wife Yvonne accepted the award on his behalf at the Fourth Annual Programmable Control Conference on October 12, 1988

Dr. deBuda graduated from the University of Vienna in 1949 and came to Canada in 1951. He spent the next 30 years working at General Electric Canada, latterly as a Senior Engineer - Mathematical Analysis, in the Communications Systems and Services Dept. His works included analog control computer design for nuclear reactors, studies on MIT radars, and the invention and development of the Fast FSK modulation/demodulation system and its self-synchronization.

Also, in 1970, Dr. deBuda joined McMaster University as a part-time Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department. As a member of the Communications Research Laboratory there, he did fundamental research on theory and application of signal processing, lattice codes, and sampling theorem. He holds 14 patents, and is the author or co-author of 43 publications, three of which were produced in collaboration with his son, Peter. In his spare time, when not pursuing the efficiency of digital modulation techniques, Rudi studied the lattices of chessboards and history.

Dr. deBuda became a member of IEEE in 1970, a Senior Member in 1971, and a Fellow in 1986. He has been involved with the organization of the CEC and IEECE Conferences in Toronto since the early 60's and was Chairman of the International Electrical and Electronics Conference and Exposition in 1973. He became Chairman of the Board of IEEC Inc. in 1975 and has served as Director since that time - most particularly in channeling reserve funds into IEEE student activities, in the form of McNaughton Learning Resource Centres and Scholarships.

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