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IEEE Canadian Foundation Scholarships and Grants - Endowed by Directed Gifts
This is a new program beginning in 2004, funded by recently received directed gifts.

IEEE Canada Vehicular Technologies Awards sponsored by IEEE Canada
Two awards each year, travel grants, total not to exceed $2,400 - details.

IEEE Canada Power Quality Scholarship sponsored by the trustees of the Alberta Power Quality Conference
This Scholarship is to be awarded to a suitable IEEE student member in full time attendance at either the University of Alberta or the University of Calgary - value $1,500 - details.

IEEE Canadian Foundation Dr. Robert T.H. Alden Scholarship co-sponsored by the IEEE Toronto Section.
This Scholarship is one of the scholarships described on the following linked page and is to be awarded to a suitable IEEE student member within the Toronto Section. This scholarship co-funding agreement is for a five year period (2004 to 2008) and renewed for further five year periods through 2018.

IEEE Canada Women In Engineering Prize sponsored by the Judy Clift fund.
This Prize is to be awarded to a female IEEE Canada member who received her first professional degree within the last fifteen years and who is active in IEEE activities - value $1000 - details

IEEE Canadian Foundation Québec Science Fair Prizes sponsored by the MCI fund
One Prize, Prix IEEE Shoaib A. Khan, for a project in electricity or electronics at Super Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec in the province of Québec - value $750 - details
One Prize, Prix IEEE Eloi Ngandui, for a project in computing at Super Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec in the province of Québec - value $750 - details
Note Annual payment to Super Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec is $1,650 (two prizes plus 10% administrative charge)

IEEE Canada Major Awards sponsored by various funds
- R.A. Fessenden Medal (Telecommunications) - sponsored by TELUS
- Outstanding Engineering Educator Medal - sponsored by the Canadian Heads of Electrical and Computer Engineering
- W.S. Read Outstanding Service Medal - sponsored by the IEEE Canadian Foundation
- R.H. Tanner Industry Leadership Medal - sponsored by the IEEE Foundation
- Read more about IEEE Canada Major Awards

IEEE Canadian Foundation Nick Cercone Graduate Scholarship in Computer Science sponsored by the Friends of Nick Cercone. One biennial Scholarship (2020, 2022, 2024 ...), value of $6,000 to recognize a computer science PhD student at a Canadian university. - details

Please consider endowing an award - there are many options - please read about our endowment policy.

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