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The Foundation Committees for 2015-16
  • Audit Committee - Keith Brown (Chair) and Luc Matteau (non-voting consultant)

  • Development Committee - Anader Benyamin-Seeyar, Keith Brown, Branislav Djokic, Lori Hogan, Maike Luiken, Denard Lynch, John Mowbray, Pankaj Sharma

  • Executive Committee - David Whyte(Chair), Dave Kemp, Scott Lowell, Luc Matteau,

  • Finance Committee - Luc Matteau (Chair), Rob Anderson, Keith Brown (non-voting on the committee) Wayne Wagner, Bill Sheperd (BMO Nesbitt Burns) consultant

  • Grants Committee - David Kemp (Chair), Denard Lynch (Vice Chair), Luc Matteau, Dennis Peters, Anader Benyamin-Seeyar

  • Investment Advisory Committee - Wayne Wagner (Chair), Luc Matteau

  • Nominations and Corporate Governance Committee - John Mowbray (Chair), Dave Kemp (Vice Chair), Eric Holdrinet

  • Section Liaison Committee - Wahab Almuhtadi (Chair), Arash Ahmadi, Rob Anderson, Luigi Benedicenti, Anader Benyamin-Seeyar, Elmer Bourque, Keith Brown, Mo El-Hawary, Aaron Gulliver, Lori Hogan, Dave Kemp, Jim Kozlowski, Maike Luiken, Luc Matteau, Dave Michelson, John Mowbray, Christian Pepin, Hafizur Rahman, Pankaj Sharma, vacant

  • Student Branch Liaison Committee - Denard Lynch (Chair), Elmer Bourque (East), vacant (Quebec), Maike Luiken (Vice Chair, Ontario), Dave Michelson (West)

  • Webmaster Committee - Brian Kidney (Chair), Elmer Bourque, Denard Lynch, David Whyte

  • Committees are elected annually by the new Board at their meeting immediately following the members' annual meeting.

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