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On-line Nomination for an
IEEE Canada Women In Engineering Prize
sponsored the Judy Clift Fund

 Instructions to fill out this form

  • Read the entire form before you start.
  • It is recommended that you create all your content in a text editor, then cut and paste into the form.
  • Complete all sections of this form and press the submit button.
  • Only female IEEE Canada members who have graduated with their first undergraduate degree in electrical and computer engineering (or a like program) within the previous fifteen years and who are active in IEEE activities are eligible for nomination.

 Step 1: Please identify yourself as the Nominator
  1.1 Enter your full name (surname last)
  1.2 Enter your e-mail address
  1.3 Enter your IEEE membership number
  1.4 Select the activity where you interacted with   your nominee that best describes why you   believe this candidate is worthy of this prize
  1.5 if you selected "Other" in the item above, please provide a short descriptor
 Step 2: Please identify your Nominee
  2.1 Enter your nominee's full name (surname   last)
  2.2 Enter your nominee's e-mail address
  2.3 Enter your nominee's IEEE membership   number
  2.4 Enter your nominee current IEEE Section
  2.5 Select the university where she obtained her   undergraduate degree from this list
  2.6 Enter name of university if not listed
  2.7 Enter the name of her academic program
  (e.g. electrical engineering)
  2.8 Enter the year of graduation
 Step 3: Please provide details of your nominees activities in the areas  noted below
  3.1   Provide graduating class standing, overall grade, honours, and other recognitions (up to 300 characters)
  3.2 Describe non-IEEE extracurricular activities while studying (up to 300 characters)
  3.3 Describe IEEE volunteer activities within her student branch and since graduation (not GOLD or WIE   related) (up to 300 characters)
  3.4 Describe any IEEE GOLD or WIE volunteer activities your nominee participated in - especially noting   achievements (up to 600 characters)
 Step 4: Submit your Form


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