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Student Application for the
IEEE Canadian Foundation Dr. Robert T. H. Alden Scholarship

  Instructions to complete this form:       
  • The student applicant is to complete all sections of this form and submit electronically.
  • The nominee must be
    • a Student Member of IEEE,
    • enrolled as a full-time student in his or her penultimate undergraduate year,
    • completing a Canadian university or college program described on the Information page
    • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada (verification may be requested prior to award)
  • It is recommended to prepare this declaration using a word processor or editor and keep a copy for any future use.
  • Please read the information about scholarships web site.  
  • You will not be able to submit this form unless you complete ALL sections.

 Step 1: Please identify yourself and your university or college
  1.1 Enter your full name (surname last)
  1.2 Enter your e-mail address
  1.3 Enter your student ID number (as assigned by your institution)
  1.4 Enter your university

  1.5 Enter your IEEE membership number
 Step 2: Submit your essay as described on the information page; approximately 500 words
  2.1 Certify that this is your penultimate year (a requirement): Yes No
  2.2 Insert your essay here. Refer to Information Page:
  Upload Your File Here   1. 
 Step 3: Submit your Declaration.

NOTE: Form processing is temporarily unavailable. Please save the contents of this form after completion and email to the ICF Grants Committee.
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