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On-line Nomination for the
IEEE Canadian Foundation Dr. Raymond D. Findlay Scholarship

 Instructions to fill out this form

  • The faculty nominator is to complete all sections of this form and submit electronically.
  • You are expect to have received (via email) and reviewed the student's declaration form prior to completing this form.
  • Only Canadian universities and colleges are eligible to nominate students to receive this IEEE Canadian Foundation scholarships.
  • Complete all sections of this form and press the submit button.
  • You will not be able to submit this form unless you complete ALL sections.
  • Please read the information about application for scholarships available on this web site

 Step 1: Please identify yourself and your university or college
  1.1 Enter your full name (surname last)
  1.2 Enter your e-mail address
  The e-mail address you enter above should be the one used to send this electronic letter of recommendation so that the foundation can verify the sender
  1.3 Enter your university:

  1.4 Enter your faculty position:

 Step 2: Please identify the student you are nominating for this  scholarship
  2.1 I nominate the student whose full name (surname last) is:
  2.2 The student e-mail address is:
  2.3 I certify that this nominee in his/her penultimate undergraduate year Yes No
  2.4 Please provide the wording for the citation relating to this nomination:
 Step 3: Please provide your comments in the three areas below to  support this application
  3.1 Please confirm that you have read the declaration form prepared by the student you are nominating, and that you are familiar with the activities of the student. Yes No
  3.2 Please confirm the accuracy of the information provided by your nominee in the on-line form or tell us what is incorrect or in what way it is inaccurate.
  3.3 Please tell us why you believe this student is the most deserving of this scholarship.
 Step 4: Submit your Nomination.
  Make sure that you have completed ALL sections of this form and that your nominee submits his/her declaration form. you should receive a copy of that report form output).


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